My Immigration Online offers cost-effective information and services related to securing visas for entering Australia for a range of purposes. As a solution provider, we deliver services related to skilled visas for consultants who would like to offer similar services to visa applicants

We have been a member of the Office of the Migration Agent Registration Authority (OMARA) since 2001, and our chief migration agent, Shiva, has been a registered migration agent with OMARA for over a decade.

In the past twelve years, My Immigration Online has processed more than 5,000 visas.

My Immigration Online’s DIY (do it yourself) online kits assist with what would otherwise be time-consuming migration research. This cost-effective option, with payment made securely through ANZ Bank’s online gateway, gives you all the information you need on one single webpage, and renders the information current at the time you sign up. We keep this site, and our kits, constantly updated with the most recent forms, guidelines, fee lists, SOL schedule 1, CSOL, state and regional SOLs, and RSMS SOL.



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