Terms & Conditions


This Agreement is made on this day between
Yourself ( hereinafter referred to as “the Paid Client”)
MY IMMIGRATION ONLINE, Suite 402, 343 Little Collins St, Melbourne VIC 3000 Australia (hereinafter referred to as MY IMMIGRATION ONLINE.


  1. MY IMMIGRATION ONLINE Suite 402, 343 Little Collins St, Melbourne VIC 3000 Australia
  2. Shivaram Prasad SESHAM is a Registered Migration Agent pursuant to the laws of Australia.
  3. This Agreement embodies the entire agreement between the parties hereto relative to this subject matter and MY IMMIGRATION ONLINE makes no representations or warranties unless expressly stated within this Agreement.
    1. MY IMMIGRATION ONLINE agrees to provide online advice dynamically generated from the data base as per the details submitted by the Paid Client for self lodgment of your application.
    1. The total service fees charged by MY IMMIGRATION ONLINE for the services to be provided as set out in this Agreement is AUD$ 50.00
    1. The Paid Client acknowledges that upon making payment to MY IMMIGRATION ONLINE the Paid Client hereby engages MY IMMIGRATION ONLINE to provide to the Paid Client, Australian immigration advice.
    2. This agreement sets out the terms and conditions of the Australian skilled visa appraisal, with respect to Paid Client’s immigration application and the Paid Client upon making the payment of the service fee, acknowledges, that he/she understands and agrees to the terms and conditions set out hereunto.
    1. Payment of the service fee will entitled the Paid client to the following services:
      1. Migration research inclusive of all relevant Migration Law, Regulations and procedures; and;
      2. Your visa appraisal online; and
      3. Advice online via a secure web site with most updated visa information; and
      4. Information on Australian Standard Classification of Occupation; and
      5. Information on your skills assessment body criteria process; and
      6. The latest information on the Australian immigration regulation;
    2. The Paid Client acknowledges that once the Paid Client has engaged MY IMMIGRATION ONLINE, the principle point of contact, communication and access to the Service(s) shall be via the “Visa Appraisal Management” by way of a username and password that will be nominated for your account. With the exception of any authorized telephone consultation, MY IMMIGRATION ONLINE reserves the right not to respond to any query made by a Paid Client that is not sent via the Visa Appraisal Management.
    3. Payment of the service fee will not entitle the Paid Client to further requests for any further information sought directly from our migration agent through a means other than MY IMMIGRATION ONLINE management.
    4. The Paid Client’s engagement of MY IMMIGRATION ONLINE is strictly personal and MY IMMIGRATION ONLINE will not discuss the Paid Client’s application or information or Service(s) with any third party enquiring on the Paid Client’s behalf (including family) unless the Paid Client provides express instructions that the third party in question is authorised to do so.
    5. MY IMMIGRATION ONLINE reserves the right to appoint a new Advisor, whether temporarily or permanently, to provide the Service(s) at anytime and without notice.
    6. Where a time frame is specified, MY IMMIGRATION ONLINE will use its best endeavors to adhere to the given period. However as cases are managed on an individual basis, the Service may take longer to provide in certain circumstances. In such an event, MY IMMIGRATION ONLINE will notify the Paid Client of this delay within twenty-four (24) hours of the promised service delivery time.
    1. MY IMMIGRATION ONLINE shall take all reasonable steps to ensure that your application is processed without delay.
    2. MY IMMIGRATION ONLINE can only provide an estimate of current processing periods applicable to the application category with current visa regulation.
    3. MY IMMIGRATION ONLINE does not guarantee that the application will be finalised within a prescribed period of time frame or it will positive or negative.
    4. MY IMMIGRATION ONLINE cannot guarantee the time frame that government processes may take or changes to government regulations and/or procedures. You should be aware that these factors may vary during the process of your application.
    1. If you have any complaints or are dissatisfied with the service that MY IMMIGRATION ONLINE provides to you, please raise it immediately with MY IMMIGRATION ONLINE and MY IMMIGRATION ONLINE will attempt to resolve any problem to the mutual satisfaction of both yourself and MY IMMIGRATION ONLINE.
    2. if you continue to be dissatisfied with MY IMMIGRATION ONLINE service you are entitled to make a complaint to the Migration Agent’s Registration Authority.
    3. You should be aware that Registered Migration Agents are bound by the Migration Agents Code of Conduct and a copy of that Code of Conduct can be provided to you upon request.
    1. There is no refund after the “Visa Appraisal Management” page has been displayed to the client.
    2. If the “Visa Appraisal Management” page is not clear due to technical reasons you can forward an email request to make a email request to MY IMMIGRATION ONLINE and one of the consultants will assist you with the “Visa Appraisal Management” page. MY IMMIGRATION ONLINE service fee is strictly non-refundable.
    3. It is your total responsibility to ensure that you select the correct nominated occupations.
    4. If your selection criteria is incorrect, and you need to amend the criteria then you will be required to make a further payment for page to be displayed.
  8. TERMINATION OF CONTRACTYour service will be deactivated:
    1. At the expiration of one (1) from the date of payment of the service fee. You should note that if you require more time, you can either make an additional payment, or alternatively, you can copy your “Visa Appraisal Page” to your local machine; or
    2. If MY IMMIGRATION ONLINE reasonably forms the view that someone other than the Client is attempting to gain access to the Service for their personal benefit; or
    3. If there is any belief from your Advisor that you have provided false or misleading information; or
    4. If a period of one (1) months lapses during which time you do not access the visa appraisal management; or
    5. At the discretion of MY IMMIGRATION ONLINE, you behave in such a way that renders your Advisor unable to provide the Service(s) any longer.
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